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Osteopathy involves manipulating the bones and joints of the body for theraputic benefit - i.e. for the release of pain and repair of injuries.

Because we work with bones and joints, osteopathy is particularly appropriate for back and neck pain, related problems like sciatica, and problems that stem from a poor standing or working posture.

Most aches and pains are either caused by or accompanied by muscle and joint tightness and/or restriction of motion, and can be effectively treated with osteopathy.

Dry Needling

Dry needling or 'Western Acupuncture' is the practice of using acupuncture needles on trigger points in the body, facilitating the quick release of nerves and muscles without physical manipulation

If you've never experienced dry needling before, don't worry! I'll talk you through the whole process and how it can help your particular injury before we get started.

Massage and Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is the manipulation of the body to help stretch and relax the muscles, or rehabilitate part of the body following an injury. Physiotherapy forms a part of most osteopathic consultations.

Deep Tissue Massage has long been known to help recovery from all kinds of muscular problems, relaxing the muscles and stimulating healthy blood flow to increase oxygen and remove toxins.

I use both manual massage and powered massagers to treat aches and ease muscle tension.

Other Therapies

It is the job of every osteopath to keep up to date with the latest research and be able to create the optimum treatment programme for any given patient. I occasionaly use other therapies such as ultrasound, or may work with you in more of a physical therapy role to rehabilitate injured muscles and joints.

There is usually a lot you can do yourself to aid your recovery, and I'll typically give you advice on exercises, stretches, warmups and so on that can help the healing process.