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Why Me?

I have over 10 years experience in private osteopathic practice. I am dedicated to providing you with the best treatment available and getting you back to top condition.

As well as being a qualfied and experienced osteopath, I'm constantly in touch with the latest research and new developments in the field. Health is about your whole lifestyle and I can help you to make small changes which will keep you healthy and injury-free.

Qualifications, Affiliations and Experience

I have a master's degree in osteopathy, am registered with the Institute of Osteopathy and regulated by the General Council of Osteopathy. I also hold full public liability insurance.

My experience is far and wide. I've worked with sports teams to maintain optimum performance, treated chronic arthritis and sciatica, occupational ailments such as RSI, and everything in between. I'm also qualified in a wide range of physiotheraputic treatments, such as sports taping and ultrasound.

My Clinical Approach

Whilst my practice is rooted in osteopathy, like most osteopaths I also practice dry needling, sports massage and physiotherapy as part of my treatment. If you've never had osteopathy or related treatments before, I will explain them and ensure you are comfortable with them before we begin treatment.

I am passionate about health and the human body and make a point of staying up-to-date with the latest developments in my field. I regularly attend professional development sessions, allowing me to bring the latest research knolwedge to my patients.

Here to Help You

Whatever your condition and your current state of health, I hope to bring you back to a full, healthy and pain-free life.

Contact me today for a free and confidential telephone consultation, we can discuss whatever problems you are having and how I might be able to help you. It's free and no-obligation.